15-year-old music composer Rishi Kumar recently released his original single “Mere Ho Tum”

MUMBAI: Composer Rishi Kumar is only 15 years old and he’s already making waves in the independent music scene. After captivating his audience with a series of popular covers, composer Rishi Kumar recently released “Mere Ho Tum”. This track is a collaboration between Chennai based Rishi Kumar, Trivandrum based Devanand SP and Washington based Meena Attringal. The song was mastered in the Netherlands – so a true global collaboration in the age of remote work (love). Rishi says “This song is part of his debut album Zindagi. It is based on 2 individuals searching for their imaginary lover. The lyrics focus on how the two visualize their lover and no matter where they are, they belong to each other. It’s a romantic track and I composed after listening to KTMBK. I managed to include a live sax part in the song played by Wesley sir (my music teacher at school), a brilliant saxophonist. It’s rare to have a saxophone in a pop song and it’s one of the catchiest parts of the song.”

Rishi Kumar has been learning the piano since the age of 6 and is preparing for the TCL (Trinity College of London) 8th grade classical piano exam. The piano and music have always been his hobbies as his main goal was to be a cricketer. However, once the pandemic hit, things changed as he couldn’t play cricket during the lockdown. His musical journey transformed from April 2, 2020, when he started performing instrumental covers of Hindi, English and Tamil songs from his apartment balcony. It was a daily live performance for 15 minutes which he also started streaming live on Facebook. Soon, he started posting his instrumental covers on his YouTube channel. And since then, there has been no stopping.

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