’36 Farmhouse ‘album review: Subhash Ghai, as music composer, impresses

’36 Farmhouse ‘album review: Subhash Ghai, as music composer, impresses

04 Jan 2022, 13:10
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Have you watched Subhash Ghai’s “36 Farmhouse” jukebox?

Zee Music Company released the jukebox for 36 Farm. It marks Subhash Ghai’s debut as a music composer.

The Amol Parashar, Flora Saini, Sanjay Mishra-starrer has two tracks— Mohabbat, and Mind your own business.

The songs are nice, and it was magical to hear the voices of Hariharan and Sonu Nigam after so long.

The album gets 3.5 stars and here is our detailed review.

‘Mohabbat’ has Nigam’s signature style

'Mohabbat' has Nigam's signature style

Composed and written by the Taal coxswain, Mohabbat wears the typical Nigam style.

The crooner ace emphasized all the words and sang them with his hallmark passion.

The sound of instruments like the flute and tabla can be heard throughout the song.

The tune can be great for couples to dance to at gatherings.

Verdict: this one gets 4/5 stars.

Hariharan Adds More Fun to Bouncy Mind Your Business

Hariharan adds more fun to

Comes next Mind your own business, which was also composed and written by Ghai.

After a long time, Hariharan can be heard singing a piece of film, and that is enough to give him several listenings.

The air carries a lot of harm and masti elements.

But, the slow tempo of this song can make the listener lose interest after a while.

Verdict: he gets 3/5 stars.

You can check out the songs here

Ghai took help from the students of Whistling Woods for the songs

Ghai took help from the students of Whistling Woods for the songs

Speaking about his early days as a music director, the 76-year-old filmmaker said, “When I finalized the story for the film, I thought I should create a song for him as well.”

“So I enlisted the help of the students at Whistling Woods International and wrote the songs during the pandemic … recorded Mohabbat Mohabbat with Sonu Nigam, and Mind your own business, Aage Nikal with Hariharan. ”

The film marks Ghai’s entry into the OTT arena

The film marks Ghai's entry into the OTT arena

Interesting way, 36 Farm will be Ghai’s first in the OTT space, but he didn’t realize it.

The family drama will be directed by Ram Ramesh Sharma.

With an ensemble cast, the film was shot over three weeks on a tight budget, according to the veteran filmmaker.

Supported by Zee Studios and Ghai’s Mukta Arts, the film is slated for release on ZEE5 soon.

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