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  • David Plazas is the Opinion and Engagement Director for USA TODAY Network Tennessee.

Jordan Sromek’s background is in retail, not in music, but he accepted the challenge of open Gibson garage of Gibson Brands as Director of Retail Sales as the business began to fully open in Nashville last spring.

His experience at Tom Ford, Ralph Lauren and Brooks Brothers has allowed him to understand consumer habits and connect strong brands to customers.

In this episode of the Tennessee Voices podcast, he spoke about the 8,000 square foot garage, located at Cummins Station near downtown, and the power of music to bond and build empathy.

Recently, Gibson announced a Donation of $ 300,000 to Metro Nashville Public Schools in instruments and equipment. This corresponds to a community known as Music City.

Jordan Sromek

Music education is essential in helping students develop strong social and emotional learning skills and make broader connections.

Gibson is an iconic guitar brand. My colleague, music journalist Matt Leimkuehler, recently wrote that Gibson is “a brand of guitar played by artists from Maybelle Carter to Elvis Presley, Chuck Berry, Jimmy Page, Slash, Sheryl Crow and Miranda Lambert”.

Although Sromek is not a guitarist, he is learning, like me, to appreciate and play the instrument.

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