Canadian music composer, Aaron Leikin wins hearts with his undeniable musical skills and talent

With unique musical compositions, Aaron Leikin has become a famous face in a short time.

“Aaron Leikin” – Photo by Helen Tansey

Being fond of music and melodies since his early years, Aaron Leikin honed his musical skills to become a famous face. With determination and constant hard work, he studied piano repertoire and music theory at the Royal Conservatory of Music in Toronto while mastering the English and French language perfectly and fluently. After learning various musical techniques, he worked full-time as a video game audio producer and composer for several prestigious audio companies. He has made diligent efforts to become one of the best in his field, and his hard work has caught the attention of many game companies. Due to the ever-changing nature of the gaming audio industry, Aaron Leikin makes sure to conduct extensive and thorough research into the latest tools and technologies used to create music.

In addition to composing music for various TV shows and video games, Aaron Leikin works as a project manager at a video game localization company called iGlobe Advisory Inc. which offers all kinds of audio localization and production services ranging from translation to dubbing and composition. He’s a very capable and up-and-coming person, striving to release a soundtrack originally composed for a video game. Aaron Leikin’s undeniable skills allowed him to enhance and expand the composition of his single using a combination of classic studio recorded instruments such as piano and strings, layered with synthesizers and unique sounds created during post-production. The advanced musical techniques used while composing have made Aaron Leikin a candidate to watch as a next generation composer and audio producer.

“In Pursuit of Time” was originally made for a futuristic dystopian video game, but the audio team ended up going in a different direction, so I decided to improve and expand the composition and release it as that single” says Aaron Leikin.

With the release of this innovative musical piece, Aaron Leikin is gaining traction and the attention of several esteemed music composers, eventually becoming a part of the media coverage of the entertainment industry. Besides possessing irrefutable compositional skills, Aaron Leikin is well versed in sequencing, orchestration, mixing and mastering. When creating this unique masterpiece, Aaron Leikin was inspired by hybrid orchestral songs composed by Hans Zimmer, 2WEI, Hi-Finesse, Daft Punk and Steve Jablonsky.

Additionally, Aaron Leikin is well versed in sophisticated game audio tools that allow him to create highly interactive music. He also created distinct and isolated sounds for the musical piece, such as time-stretching human breaths and reverse drum hits. As a video game music composer and observer with a deep understanding of what music to include when analyzing a game’s specifications, Aaron Leikin is an exceptional video game music composer and observer. His music is widespread on several platforms, including Spotify, YouTube and Apple Music.

To listen to “In Pursuit of Time”, please click on the main song link or find it on Spotify here: album /3btMMXvrTmaHucEJdAPHP1?si=WgVRQ_gGR-u_gGGWZML1LA

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