Chicago Music Exchange sells ‘high-end instruments’ to fund underprivileged children’s music education |

Chicago Music Exchange has partnered with The Gift Of Music Foundation to raise funds to provide musical instruments and music education to children from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Most of the instruments donated to The Gift of Music Foundation are relatively affordable and are therefore passed on to children who need them, often in public schools that do not have the budget for a music program. However, when the charity recently received a valuable collection of guitars, they partnered with CME to ensure these instruments could do the most good possible.

Tom Gibson of The Gift of Music Foundation said, “Our mission is to find the highest value for any given instrument, as far as these children are concerned – they are our priority.” He added: “It’s very rare that we get a collection of high-end instruments. Sometimes we get a keyboard lying around, lots of drums, old clarinets, maybe a rusty flute…this collection has been a complete game-changer for us.

Proceeds from the sale of these high-end, pre-loved instruments, dubbed the Gift of Music Collection Exchange, will be donated to the foundation to fund student musical instruments and additional rental programs where families who cannot afford full rentals get half rentals, or gifted instruments.

Every $5,000 raised from sales will help provide instruments for at least 25 children, while helping to fund up to 50 music lessons throughout the school year and placing up to 100 students in programs of summer.

And it’s quite a collection, including everything from a Fender Custom Shop SRV Strat, to a 2014 NAMM-Special Gibson Derek Trucks Signature SG, to an Ibanez Joe Satriani “Silver Surfer” 20th Anniversary model.

You can watch the video below to learn more about the initiative and take a look at some of the guitars up for grabs:

You can also learn more about the Chicago Music Exchange website here.

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