Composer and producer Sunny MR’s single Independence Day pays tribute to India.



MUMBAI: Sunny MR, whose discography boasts of some of Bollywood’s most popular songs in recent years, as well as an enviable list of tracks in Telugu cinema, is set to release his themed single of Independence Day ‘Des Tere Naam’. The track will be released on August 13 on TM Music’s official Youtube channel.

“Des Tere Naam is a catchy song, it is sure to make every patriot proud and it has been beautifully rendered. With Independence Day approaching and the whole country coming together to cheer on our athletes at the Olympics, we believe that Des Tere Naam will further enhance the sense of unity and pride for our nation. Sunny’s work does not need to be showcased and this piece will certainly add another feather to his hat, ”said Tarsame Mittal , founder of TM music.

Commenting on the same, Sunny MR said “Des Tere Naam is a song very close to my heart. The effort was to create a patriotic and moving song and I am grateful to the whole team who had the same vision. Hope the piece will pull the chords of the audience and I can’t wait for it to be in the public domain, he says.

Another aspect that is sure to captivate audiences is the song’s video. He follows two free-spirited individuals who discover each other through this journey. On this journey, they discover places that are safe for them, no matter who they identify with. The glorious mountains form a metaphor for their inner conflict. They move forward, smiling in the face of challenges. Their reflections, in harmony with nature, form a beautiful relationship as they climb the highest peak of the mountain. At the top, they celebrate their identities and tearfully kiss each other, noting that the country’s laws have finally changed, accepting them as the third sex.

While Sunny MR composed and sang the song, the lyrics are written by Shloke Lal.


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