Creative and ambitious music composer Wesley Chu is a classic geek by far



Let’s face it, who doesn’t like geek and do everything to Star wars and a neon background of lightsabers every now and then?

The well-traveled composer / pianist Wesley Chu has performed classical music in front of famous people and around the world since he was at the height of a grasshopper.

For example, Wesley has performed with the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra since he was 4 years old. At 6, he performed in Canada Day celebrations in front of Queen Elizabeth II. He performed with the National Youth Symphony Orchestra of Venezuela before Nelson Mandela at a United Nations meeting. And, in 1999, Wesley performed his composition “Christmas in Bethlehem” in Vatican City with orchestra and choir for Pope John Paul II.

But Wesley, who earned his doctorate in musical arts as an international artist at the Thornton School of Music / USC, let down his hair and inner geek when he and producer / musician Alexander Zhu brought in the Super Piano Brothers. at the Pasadena Conservatory. of music. The duo performed their “Star Wars Piano Duel”, which was co-written by them and inspired by the music of Gustav Holst The planets, and speak Star wars John Williams film soundtracks.

Plus, the result was exhilarating with enthused Wesley: “Our last Star wars The Epic Project stars our new core member, Alexander Zhu, whose expertise and love for this iconic sci-fi project has been both figurative and literal in its success. The neon lightsabers were a stroke of genius from our film crew, made up of Christine Zivic, Gabriela Spampinato and Marilyne Lamontagne.


Wesley is the proud co-founder, performer, arranger and songwriter of Super Piano Brothers. In addition, he is the creator and principal director of the Zenkora universe: “Zenkora is a project and a world-building platform that brings together artists (like Esther Chu) of all kinds to tell stories set in one. fictional fantasy universe. The multiverse itself is designed to be complete, allowing our artist collective to explore an almost limitless variety of topics and settings, while retaining that special quality that only interconnected cross stories possess. The goal is for Zenkora to become a name known as Marvel, Harry potter, Where Star wars. To inspire people around the world.


For example, in 2017 they hosted the second event in the Zenkora concert series, The seven eras-a theatrical presentation that featured a selection of the best stories, musical works and dramatic works of art from the Zenkora collective. Wesley explains, “Without institutional support, we were able to raise the equivalent of $ 30,000 in five months. The end result exceeded our expectations in terms of both support from our cast and crew and a stunned but delighted audience. ”

However, despite all of his experience performing around the world and in front of dignitaries, he suggests playing his own Super Piano Brothers or Zenkora productions still makes him nervous. He jokes: “Biting my nails backstage at the aforementioned Zenkora concert was an experience I’ll never forget; as a longtime artist, being on stage is nothing compared to putting your precious work in the hands of others. Confidence is beautiful because it is precious, as I rediscovered it that night – and will probably have to rediscover every event since, and when it is given to the right people, as I have been fortunate enough to be. , it can only be described as exhilarating. ”

Throughout his distinguished career, Wesley has won numerous awards and recognitions, including: 1st Prize in 2008 of the Chinese Performing Arts Foundation Concerto Competition; a winner of the New England Conservatory of Music Piano Honors; an international artist scholarship from USC from 2016 to 2020; and the USC Arnold Schwarzenegger Award in 2018.

But growing up, Wesley was a classical musician who fell in love with people like Star Trek and Star wars To Indiana Jones, and on all Disney / Pixar (Snow White, Mulan, Toy Story, etc.), and all that Cartoon Network (Powerpuff Girls, Samurai Jack, Dexter’s Lab, etc.).

In addition, he confesses: “Basically all of the above; all of these movies and stories were an escape to worlds that widened my imagination and amazed me. In my mind, if it could be seen on screen, it was something that could possibly happen, not to mention the obvious deviations from reality. It has always served as a symbol that the “bigger” was possible, and maybe even within reach. ”


Certainly, this sense of artistic escape is at the heart of his new dynamic ventures: “Both Zenkora and Super Piano Brothers were born out of this diabolical fascination of nerd culture, the absolutely happy escape from the banalities and trials of life. real in the deeply captivating and rewarding fantasy worlds.

As for his future ahead, Wesley Chu, who makes an impressive and dramatic figure in the performance, says he wants to continue to inspire young people as he was thrilled, growing up :, and a resident of children’s imagination then. even as they grow into adulthood.

Experience Wesley Chu’s beautiful and dramatic piano on his Youtube channel, And go to Super Piano Brothers, and the Zenkora universe. Zenkora Art by Esther Chu.


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