Do you run a business and are thinking about a mortgage next year?

Do you run a business and are thinking about a mortgage next year? See how to prepare for it in advance. Read on the blog that you can do in advance to increase your chances of getting a mortgage. Ensure high income – the bank will calculate your monthly income based on the average of the last 12 months.

If you have the chance to complete any additional orders by the end of the year, don’t hesitate – the money earned will improve your ability. If you are in the process of carrying out an order or carrying out a project, try to finish it so that you can issue an invoice by the end of the year.

Cut costs

Cut costs

If possible, analyze what is really necessary to conduct your business, and what you can give up for some time in order not to incur unnecessary costs.

Pay off your debts as soon as possible

If you have one, for example on a company credit card or close a working capital loan if you don’t need it – any charge reduces your credit standing.

Choose the best form of taxation – you can do it until January 20 of the new tax year

The customer keeping the revenue and expense ledger will be rated higher. For banks, it is also the most obvious and easiest way to calculate income. Companies that pay a flat tax or settle accounts with the tax authorities are in a worse situation. tax card.

Banks more rigorously assess the income of entrepreneurs who chose these forms of taxation. Of course, income stability is very important. Remember to regularly pay ZUS and tax contributions

The bank will require certificates of non-compliance with both institutions.

Pay fines!

If you have already received one, do not underestimate the required payment deadline. Otherwise, it can cause a seizure on your company account, and this is a clear sign for the bank that you have a problem paying your obligations on time.

Accounting loss on business operations

Accounting loss on business operations

Showing an accounting loss obviously means you cannot get a mortgage. This means that the bank is unable to pay its future credit obligations.

Suspension of economic activity

Suspension of operations, e.g. for a low season, in practice, means closure. The vast majority of banks after hanging out will require that it be kept for the minimum required period

Examine your potential creditworthiness much earlier than the planned date of taking the mortgage

You may find that you have overestimated your intentions. A person conducting business activity must bear in mind that banks accept income for creditworthiness after deducting all costs of running a business, taxes paid to the tax office and ZUS contributions. and incorrectly estimate your credit options.

An experienced credit expert will help you analyze your financial situation and point out possible solutions so that you can apply for the loan amount that interests you. – link to the form