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Mumbai, October 27, 2021: Getting out of the rut and living your passion is not at all easy. But Dr Ankur Sharma is one of the few who has managed to balance his passion and profession with the same zest.

The song from Dr. Ankur’s first music album, “Hum Tere Hi Ho Jayenge”, is written, composed and conducted by him. The musical album is sung by acclaimed playback singer Javed Ali and will be uploaded on October 25 on various social media platforms.

A doctor by profession and a passionate composer and music producer, this native of Rajasthan strives to make his mark in the film industry with his ensemble of songs. He is also in the process of releasing his top 10 songs. These include his songs like Tanha, Jiya Dhadke, and many more. Dr Ankur’s next endeavor is his film – Lockdown Ki Love Story which will also be released soon. The new musical melody is one of 1,000 songs he has written to date.

Speaking of his background, Dr Ankur said: “This is really my debut in Bollywood where I also wrote the lyrics, composed, directed and performed. After my MBBS I started working and am currently practicing at JLN Medical College and Hospital in Ajmer. I did not receive any formal education in music but my passion has helped me to walk this path of music. I have observed and studied closely the compositions of the great composers of music. Even while practicing medicine, I continued to write songs, compose them, and play them with my friends during college functions.

“My musical adventure would not have been complete without the active participation and support of my family who supported me in all circumstances. They helped me in the production, some played the role of executive producer, ”he said.

He said: “Hum Tere Hi Ho Jayenge is a complete three part love streak – part one is a romantic track which will be released on October 25th while the other two sequels (the rock version and the sad version) will be released more late . “

“I want to create a new trend in Bollywood – to create a series of songs where the whole story is told with music,” he said with a twinkle in his eyes.

Dr Ankur informed that the singer of the song – Javed Ali, one of the renowned Indian playback singers, gave everything for this romantic song. Having sung in various regional languages ​​like Bengali, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, etc., his performance will certainly touch the soul of music lovers from all walks of life.

“The pandemic situation has been bad for every individual in the world. It was no different for me either. But it was the music and the journey to make it that became the driving force, ”said Dr Ankur.

He further added: “I urge everyone not to give up hope because there is light at the end of the tunnel.”

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