Eddie Van Halen left a large sum in his will for music education efforts

Eddie Van Halen has long championed the value of music education in schools, so it’s no surprise that the guitar icon left a substantial sum in his will to be donated to music education efforts.

In a press release from Mr. Holland’s Opus Foundation, Van Halen left the foundation “a significant percentage of his estate to the organization in his will.” Although no exact figures have been disclosed, guitar world reports that the amount was a “seven-figure sum”.

Mr. Holland’s Opus Foundation noted: “Prior to his passing in October 2020, Eddie Van Halen spent more than a decade nurturing a close relationship with the MHOF…The gift will allow the MHOF to meet the demands of a more large number of schools to add employees to their staff. , improve foundation technology and more.

Eddie’s son, Wolfgang Van Halen, who donated the proceeds of his debut single “Distance” to the foundation, said in a statement: “Mr. The Opus de Holland Foundation and the work they do for the “Musical education has always been important to my father. I’m incredibly proud to help facilitate this gift as he wished. Mr. Holland’s Ops are the champions of our musicians of the future and it’s It’s a privilege for me to continue to support this mission and carry on the legacy of my pop.

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