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Nationally award-winning Indian music composer-entrepreneur, Shashwat Sachdev has already made great strides in the music industry for his work in films like “Uri: The Surgical Strike” and “Veere Di Wedding”. He also received the 65th Filmfare RD Burman Award in 2020. After making his song debut with ‘Machlo’, the young artist is back with his self-titled new album ‘Sha’. The debut song on the album ‘Dobara’ was recently dropped and is already considered one of the most punchy heartbreaking ballads of 2021 with lo-fi and future bass influences. In an exclusive conversation with ETimes, the young singer-songwriter spoke about the song, its creative process, and its journey in the music industry so far. Extracts …

What was the creative process behind ‘Dobara’?

I wanted to make an album that speaks to the tastes of the younger generations because people were listening to sounds that are dated and there was a need to make music that felt personal to me. I wanted to write music that I personally wanted to listen to and talk about modern love.

I met the owner of my label, Shivam, and we came up with the idea of ​​mixing modern pop with the sound of Indian music. It was the inspiration for ‘Dobara’. The lyrical concept was also to deal with modern love and the reality that if you truly love someone, you will never fall in love.

How was the response?

I’m glad people think it’s magical, relatable, and refreshing. The song has such beautiful images that I didn’t feel the need to have a video for it in the first couple of months. Because when you put a video to music, it immediately becomes a visual representation of what you look like, which is why I didn’t want people to have video visuals for music.

One of the people I was speaking with mentioned that after listening to him he felt like there were clouds around him from which a ray of light was cracking. It was so beautiful that people appreciate it. Many of them are touched by the lyrics of the song; I was overwhelmed in the first week because it takes a long time for unframed music to become popular in India. The second week was really surprising and great. I am very happy with the response I received.

Lo-fi music has grown in importance lately …

It’s not fair to compare music genres because when you listen to music you never want to like genres; you want to listen to music that you enjoy. Different people are moved by different types of sounds. Here I wanted to make music that moves me, and I’m sure there will be more people who will be moved by sounds like this, but I also believe that there is a learning curve in sound. because some people don’t know what they are hearing.

As a songwriter, do you think lyrics are important for a song to become a hit?

For a song to be successful and have a longer lifespan, the lyrics are the most crucial factor, and I’m so glad I recorded it rather than typing it, because I can’t stress enough how important it is. lyrics. The lyrical value of the song is what unconsciously resonates with listeners.

In the past there have been songs with very simple music and melody, maybe with just one person singing and an accompanying instrument. But all it takes is a great performance from a legend and the songs will live on forever.

I believe that good lyrics have the capacity to keep a song alive indefinitely. This is why Hindi music is so popular in the heart of the country.

What has been the most important to take away from your career in showbiz?

Life goes round in circles. You will be affected by things when you least expect it. It can be a beautiful melody, a fantastic song, a tragic or heartbreaking recording session – it will never be a predictable trip, and it will hit you when you least expect it. So the best way to deal with that is to work constantly, and then there will be times when God will bless you with something beautiful, and you have to be prepared when He gives it to you.

After winning the national award for “Uri: The Surgical Strike”, there must have been an influx of work. Have you become selective now?

I have always been picky about the work I did, starting with my first film, which received a lot of positive feedback, and continuing with ‘Veere Di Wedding’, which I did with my dear friend Rhea Kapoor. She was a mentor to me in Mumbai and she helped me discover the world of music in India. One thing I learned from her is to say “no” to things that you don’t like or think are beneficial for you at the moment. So there can be some amazing things, but the time and place is very essential.

I’ve always been extremely selective about the things I do, and it’s not about a big or small picture, a big or a small actor, or songs or sheet music, I think it’s about the team you work with. For me, this is a very important factor in deciding what to work on.

Does independent music need the backing of a good label?

Music has always been a commodity that must be sold, and when it does, the artist and the people who work with him benefit. The artist can only continue to make art if he at least survives comfortably, and therefore, more than having the support of a good company, I think the artist has to make these decisions early in the process. his career to surround himself with people who support him, not just a label, but everyone around them, if you have a good label who believes in you and is ready to work with you, it will make the trip easier because you will have someone who will take care of a lot of the logistics for you because when a label comes on board they are also responsible for a lot of other things so smaller things are actually taken care of , and the artist becomes a little more self-sufficient.

ince you are a music composer as well, do you think there is a shortage of female composers in the music industry?

Payal Dev is India’s most important songwriter at the moment, and she’s a distant acquaintance of mine that I don’t know well but admire her music. Of course, there are fewer female songwriters than male songwriters, but I personally think things are going a lot better for female songwriters than they have been in recent years. “Jasleen Royal”, a close friend of mine, does a great job. There are a few people who work with me who enjoy producing and writing music. One of them is an amazing music producer named “Shreya Jain” who not only helps me but also produces and composes music. Women composers, in my opinion, have a bright future.

How do you take care of yourself and your sanity on the days when you’re not productive?

I am happy to answer this question. In my opinion, there are good days and bad days. When you’re not getting what you want, the only way to get through the day is to be consistent in your work.

When I was younger I saw an interview with “Rick Rubin”, who is one of the greatest producers in the world and has produced many Eminem albums, in which he states that he constantly writes his raps, knowing he’ll never use 99% of them, but he knows he has to keep writing regularly to stay in practice so that when called upon to produce on the fly, he can write immediately. Discipline and consistency, as well as the support of an artist’s entourage, are extremely important to me.

Another thing Rick Rubin pointed out to me was the importance of releasing your music; your work is only finished if your music is released, and once your music is released as an artist, you are 100 percent successful. These are the two things that got me through my blockages, that I need to keep posting my work and not sit on it, that I need to keep making small changes because it won’t get me anywhere, and that I have to be consistent in creating, producing and writing new music, because there will be beautiful days when God will bless me with a great job.

What are you currently working on?

I’m currently working on a few films, finishing my album, and some of my work will be out in the next three months. It will be a long album, with over 10 tracks, and my label owner is spending a lot of time on it. My second film, “Attack”, starring John Abraham, is the first in my series, and I’m really excited about what’s to come.


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