Five Most Popular Musical Instrument Manufacturers / Dealers in Mumbai



MUMBAI: A musician buying instruments could be equivalent to a woman buying sacrosanct jewelry. So reaching the right dealer is extremely important. Mumbai has several stores and musical instrument manufacturers that cater for all kinds of music. Let’s take a look at the top five.

Furtados music: Now owned by a Goan family since 1959, is in fact an iconic chain of musical instrument stores, with a presence in Mumbai for over 150 years. It has five branches in Mumbai itself, and many across the country. There is nothing related to music that you won’t find here. From pianos to cables, the range is impressive. There isn’t a music lover who hasn’t come here. They have two specialized branches-Furtados BX and Furtados Keys. BX has specialty and limited editions of guitars, while Keys has everything to do with harmony. In addition, you can take your instrument and go to learn at the Furtados music school itself.

Haribhau Vishwanath Co: A trusted name in classical music field, Haribhau Vishwanath is a one stop solution for all kinds of Indian classical music. Beyond the purchase of instruments here, one can go there for a consultation, maintenance, repair of a damaged instrument. Besides, they not only manufacture or repair but also export classical musical instruments to all over the world.

Haridas Vhatkar: A family that only makes one musical instrument, the tabla are from Miraj and the tabla making is their family business. The first two generations made tablas from Miraj itself. However, the third generation with Haridas Vhatkar made its presence in Mumbai. Haridas was brought to Mumbai with the desire to make tablas for the god of tabla, Ustad Zakir Hussain. He came to Mumbai and started working with one of the oldest instrument makers in Mumbai, Hari Bhau Vishwanath. Slowly, his talent was recognized by all tabla legends, from Ustad Allarakhaji to Pandit Yogesh Samsi. Eventually his dream came true when Ustad Zakir Hussain asked him to make tablas for him. Today, he is the go-to person for every established and aspiring table player.

Bhargava’s music : Known for its excellent customer relationship, Bhargava’s Musik is one of the oldest musical instrument store chains in Mumbai. It offers a wide range of instruments ranging from West to Indian. The chain is known to guide a novice on their first purchase of the instrument. In addition to offering instruments like the ukulele piano and Indian instruments like the sitar and dilruba, Bhargava’s Musik is also known for the aftermarket maintenance of the instrument. Located in West and Central Mumbai, Bhargava’s Musik is the most sought after dealer for a musical instrument.

SoundMonk Musical Instrument Store: The one-of-a-kind SoundMonk Musical Instrument Store has both online stores and a physical store (except Furtados). SoundMonk offers a range of instruments at affordable prices. They are also the authorized dealers for Boss, Roland and ESP. Instruments, accessories and a drop-down menu to hire instruments also make this brand one of the most popular with musicians.


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