Gone Kesh Music singer and songwriter Bishakh Jyoti talks about receiving the national award and his journey

MUMBAI: Singer and music composer Bishakh Jyoti who recently received the National Film Award Kranti Darshi Guruji Ahead Of Times as Best Music Director, started his journey with the reality show SA RE GA MA PA from Zee TV, composed music for many albums and films like Gone Kesh, and worked closely with music mainstays like Sajid Wajid and Shankar Mahadevan.

This versatile singer who is currently the Grand Grand Jury of SA RE GA MA PA 2021 and has done more than 500 live concerts in India as well as abroad, speaks candidly about his journey, receiving the National Award and the prospects of to come up.

Bishakh feels humbled and grateful to have received the honor of the national award and shares his joy in stating: “I was totally captivated after receiving this award. I feel really good to become the youngest musician to receive this award. prestigious awards. I usually don’t make music with any expectation of reward, but it is certainly a huge motivation if your hard work is recognized in such an incredible way. I want to thank from the bottom of my heart my director, Mr. Sudipto Sen, who gave me this opportunity to work intensively in this film which won me the prestigious National Award. Coming from a small town, I am really happy to have succeeded in motivating many young people in my town to choose a career in music. Finally, I want to thank the Almighty for being so kind to me like this journey of being a newcomer to the industry facing loads of rejections and humiliations and win today the prize n most prestigious ational, it means a lot to me. “

Speaking of his background, he says: “My musical journey began in 2010 with ZEE TV SRGMP. I had the chance to work with many pillars of the industry like Shankar Mahadevan, Sajid-Wajid and many others which helped me to learn. a lot of things and apart from that my gurus Acharya Sanjay Chakrabarty and Guru Ma Smt. Reshmi Chakrabarty have contributed a lot to my learning part and I am still learning from them.

He has given over 15 digital concerts during the pandemic tenure in 2020. On sharing the impact of the pandemic on a change in the music industry, he said: “I support digital concerts as well as concerts physical on stage. Digital concerts have helped all musicians and performers learn a lot, especially some critical technicalities about music. Covid has helped show great positivity towards learning music online and also helped musicians upgrade both technically and pedagogically because they have so much time in this particular situation. “

Currently he is on the grand jury of SA RE GA MA PA 2021 and feels lucky to be judging alongside Shankar Mahadevan and shares: “I am also lucky to sit as a judge of the JURY on the same reality show this year with my idol Mr. Shankar Mahadevan, who is ZEE TV SRGMP. He is my inspiration and my biggest motivation in this industry. I think he is a great musician. “

Finally, he said, “My wish is that my greatest inspiration, Mr. AR Rahman, can someday sing one of my compositions.”

He has worked extensively in Bollywood, Bengali, Odiya and many other industries and believes that every film and every film score is equally important and essential to him, regardless of the languages. He has many upcoming professional projects and 2 feature films LUCKNOW TIMES and ASMA are on the program.

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