Jalsa’s music composer Gaurav Chatterji discusses his work on the thriller and his upcoming project

Gaurav Chatterji behind the scenes

Best known for his song Phoonk Phoonk from the movie Ginny hugs the sun, Gaurav Chatterji was a strategic planner before deciding to pursue his musical dream. Even as a child, Gaurav hoped to compose music albums for Bollywood films. It was in 2016 that he began to create music for commercials and later for short films. The composer has now scored for by Vidya Balan jalsa and received rave reviews for its background score. “I knew director Suresh Triveni even before the project came to me. We have worked together on several short films. I sent him a piece of music that I created and he liked it. When he told by Jalsa script for me, I passed on some additional compositions that might work for the thriller. That’s how I scored for the movie,” Gaurav shares.

Talking about working on Jalsa’s score, the musician also added that the script allowed him to push his limits. He also said he jumped on the project as soon as he read the script because the narrative had room for a solid musical composition. “jalsa is one of those films whose music is more than just background music. It needed personality and that’s what attracted me in the first place,” he reveals.

Gaurav Chatterji

Calling the film an emotional thriller, Gaurav tells us that the music was composed in two different ways. The emotional and melancholic tracks were mainly inspired by Indian music. classic the music. He shares, “I used a Uoda fretless persian stringed instrument to create an indian sound raag, which became an important aspect of the role of Maya (Vidya Balan). Then there was the suspense side of the film, for which I worked after the filming of the film. I scored by looking at the visuals and used electronic elements to bring the thrill.

Before signing, Gaurav also tells us that his future projects include Tiku marries Sheru.

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