Kunwar Brar – One of the most talented songwriters and singers in Punjab.


The state of Punjab is teeming with talent and every now and then there are gems of artists that come out of this region. One of those talented young artists who fascinates audiences across the country is singer and music composer Kunwar Brar. A young boy in his twenties made a name for himself in the Punjabi music industry. He is well regarded among the brightest newcomers who have delivered fantastic music over the past few years which is loved by all,

To be a good music composer, it takes a lot of sense and understanding of the art of music. It is not only a question of instruments and software, but of having to choose the rhythms, to tune them and to link them with emotions. This art of composing music was mastered by young music composer Kunwar Brar who can be seen and heard through his music. His singles like Jyot, Khuwad, Soulful Talks are some of his greatest hits which have also earned him the recognition of the mainstream. From singles to composing music for films and record labels, he has been part of the musical success of the Punjabi music industry with more than 10 songs bearing his name. It’s safe to say he’s not just a newcomer with a hype, but he’s here to play a game long.

Kunwar Brar with his musical talent has just debuted and has already won over audiences and critics. Her story of success, from being a fan of international stars to working alongside them, has truly been an incredible journey that inspires people from all walks of life.

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