Marvel Cinematic Universe has become the home of music composer A-Zal

Published: updated on – 17:31, Thu – 16 Jun 22

Hyderabad: ‘Mrs. Marvel’, which is MCU’s newest superhero venture, left everyone in awe. The show has been trending all over the world.

A-Zal aka Atif Afzal is proud to be associated once again as a music composer with MCU with ‘Ms. Marvel’ as one of the most anticipated Marvel Cinematic Universe projects. Previously, he worked on Marvel’s Loki with Tom Hiddlestone.

Having worked on several Hollywood films during his career, he thinks this ‘Ms. Marvel’ was meant to bring together Indian talent such as Farhan Akhtar and Yusuf Khan. It’s wonderful to know that Marvel has been quite experimental in its approach and has given global talent a platform.

A-Zal has also worked on Hollywood projects such as “NCIS: Los Angeles” and “Twilight Zone – 2” in the past, as well as CBS Network and Alicia Keys’ “Resort to Love” with Netflix.

He says, “When you work with Marvel, you better work like Marvel. I’ve produced my best work working with MCU and it just keeps getting better. I did a soundtrack for Loki and that led to my second project with Marvel. Forms. Marvel’, I composed two soundtracks. This is just the beginning, the projects in my pipeline are all very exciting and the world will see some of my best work in Hollywood.”

Moving from Bollywood to Hollywood, A-Zal has come a long way.

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