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The 23-year-old Rwandan artist, popularly known as Isimbi Dee, recently kicked off her music career with a new jam ‘Umbababrire’.

Isimbi Dee, singer, actress and composer, collaborates with various artists through poems and songs. From her real name Dorcas Umutoni, the singer has been passionate about music since childhood but never dared to get involved until she became an adult.

“When I was young, music was the only thing that made me feel comfortable, but back then, all I could do was hum…” Umutoni laughs.

“I knew I loved music when I was a freshman in high school, and I tried to write my first song in 2017, I know I loved it, but I lacked confidence,” adds- she.

The young artist overcame her fears and began to sing in church choirs, and gradually she integrated herself.

“I love music, and music is life for me,” Umutoni says, adding, “When you love music, you try different ways to make it your thing.”

After officially starting her singing career in 2020 and gaining management from Ishusho, Umutoni recently released her song titled “Umbabarire” produced by Ayoo Rash. The artist plans to release his album and says it will be a banger.

Umutoni engages her audience by making Afro-fusion and Afro funky songs, and she says that’s her style.

“Music is my job. It’s my passion, my hobby and my job because I can’t do anything I don’t like.

Umutoni points out that up-and-coming young artists face the challenge of people claiming to support them when they want further favors from them, and she calls on other artists to be aware of this.

“When I started this career as a solo artist, I faced a lot of challenges, and a lot of young artists go through this, but after you sit down and realize what’s going on, you step back and stay strong” , says Umutoni. “I advise other artists, especially young girls, to be careful and focus on hard work and learn to say no.”

Asked about the future, Umutoni plans to go international and make her country proud.

“I want to make music as an international artist. We already have good talented artists, but they are always local,” she says. “To achieve that, I have to make good music that will reach the international market,” she adds.

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