Meet music composer Sahil Samuel, the exciting page-turner

The songwriter and writer-turned-singer who wishes to be seen as a performer instead is the frontman of Naalayak. The endearing man with the golden voice and charming smile captivates his audience every time he sets foot on stage. All the while, there’s also an epic story behind why his band has such a name. Naalayak is a stage name which is a tag titled Sahil Samuel by his parents and teachers during high school days.

The 1993 born artist Sahil Samuel from Chandigarh was expected to lead a normal life with a steady job by his parents. Holding on to his undying love for music, he pushed forward to get to where he is today. “Don’t start with the rhythm to race,” explains the Freddie Mercury avatar. Previously, the artist used to perform in small concerts, which eventually led him to become the singer of the group “Swastik”, after which he decided to part with the group and continued to work on “The Sahil Project”. Later on October 21, Naalayak was provoked.

More than 300 songs have been written by Sahil since 2016. Among which the albums “Main Ka Bukhar” and “Hindi Gaane” gained impressive listeners and we can say with delight that it was a huge success. He brilliantly blends Urdu and Hindi words in his music captivating the listeners. He connected with his audience with his alluring tracks like ‘Bawra’, ‘Haan Pyaar Hain’, ‘Dil-ae-Raza’, ‘Mustafa’, ‘Nasamajh’, ‘Zakir’ ‘Sahil’, ‘Maa’ and his recent released single ‘Jazba’ among many others. The exceptional performer is inspired by several artists and musicians like Atif Aslam, Lucky Ali, Raghu Dixit, Axel Rose, Robert Plant and Freddie Mercury.

Reaping a lot of success in such a short time, artist Naalayak is sold out with his 2022 India tour. Stay tuned and catch up on where the star lands next so you don’t miss her amazing show and enjoy her stage presence!

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