Music composer Gaurav H Singh talks about his international collaboration



Music is a genre that is loved by everyone we have met Gaurav who has done many projects in Bollywood and also makes our country proud by collaborating with Hollywood, here is what he said when our team told him asked about his collaboration “I grew up listening to international music like rock, jazz, house and metal etc. In Bollywood we don’t have international exposure so I thought to collaborate with artists abroad. of this artist and this guy was kezz an italian artist. he told me he liked my guitar playing and my gospel songs. we bonded for months. and finally he offered me the collaboration and I was very excited to work on a different musical area.

Also, he added that the artist’s name is adrei known as kezz rhythms. A Romanian and Italian with great musical skills. The song with kezz comes out in late October or early November. Havent has finalized the date again.

And the song with Eric is going to be released in December. Eric is an American artist and lives in Florida. Both songs are singles.

We need to explore different kinds of music. I have always loved international music be it jazz pop rock blues house and electronics, we can only explore it as a musician and independent artist. I sing the song that kezz is going to produce. And the next international song will be sung by Eric and me.

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Speaking of his association and the process that took time, he said, it took a long time for these collaborations to come to fruition. As I juggled between European, American and Indian time zones. We worked really hard on the songs, hope people like them.

Asked about his feelings, he told us, quite excited and nervous at the same time, excited that I’m going to be able to connect with the western audience and nervous because it’s something new and I have no idea of how people will react to it.

Gaurav H Singh’s next film is Strawberry Point which will be released in 2022.


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