Music composer James Vasanthan in FB Post

Music composer James Vasanthan is known for speaking out on societal issues and the country as a whole. He does not hesitate to express himself freely. Recently, the composer shared a post about his thoughts on atheists, religion, and science on Facebook.

James wrote about the existence of God and atheists, advising everyone not to get into this debate, adding that it was an exercise in futility, which did no one any good but a waste of time. Second, according to James, those who believe in and worship God will say that he has the power to create everything. He added: “This argument will end the whole debate.” James thinks science doesn’t work that way.

James believes that science does not operate on mere beliefs. In science, as he describes later, everything must be proven. The music composer believes that the debate between the followers of science and religion is endless, so it was better not to engage in this endless discussion.

James added that he thinks atheists are more superstitious and overconfident. According to him, atheists believe that what has been said somewhere by a scientific genius is true. He feels that atheists are so overconfident that they refuse to acknowledge the existence of God beyond their scientific principles.

The composer added that atheists consider someone who teaches and spreads knowledge about God to be a fool. James wrote that he admired Indian social activist Periyar. James says his admiration for Periyar is due to the fact that the father of the Dravidian movement fought to liberate the Tamil community. James said Periyar would be his hero forever because he helped win rights for the oppressed race.

The message has now been deleted.

James is known for his work as a music composer on films like Subramaniapuram, Sandamarutham and Naanayam. Check out this song. The song is called Naan Pogiren from the movie Naanayam.

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