Music composer Maris Vijay in France receives prestigious award from Madame Margaret

National Icon Award-winning film composer Maris Vijay recently won the prestigious “Emmaus Solidarite Det Award” for best background music in the French film “Dans La Maison Du Capitaine”.

The Film Award for Music Director 2022 was co-presented by Keethalaya production and Emmaüs Solidarité to Maris Vijay for the film “Dans la Maison du Capitaine” in Paris, France. Iconic French actress Madame Margaret presented the award and Thirumalayuran S. Ashok Kumar received it on behalf of Maris Vijay.

The movie “In The Captain’s House” was released worldwide on June 15, 2022 and received high praise for its direction and background music. The film is directed by Ashok Kumar.

After having made a solid reputation with his music in Indian cinema, film composer Maris Vijay is now creating an international buzz. While expressing his gratitude for the award, he said, “Background music is the spirit of any film. Audiences love to connect with the plot as background music brings scenes to life. As the film is a romantic thriller, I gave the background a contemporary twist by including modern musical instruments.”

According to sources, Maris Vijay is looking forward to her next mega project, ‘Le Passage Secret’, a French film currently being made under production company Madame Margaret. Moreover, his latest Bollywood adventures “Ticket” and “Sanjog The Coincidence” are set to hit theaters as well as major OTT platforms in India soon.

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