Music composer Pritam doesn’t believe in keeping a song bank

Music composer Pritam, unlike many of his contemporaries, only wants to create music for movies and has absolutely no desire to create non-movie singles. Unlike many music composers, Pritam does not create a bank.

“I don’t have a song bank. I react to the script and start creating songs, after reading the script and only then do I sit down to think about what songs are likely to fit in, as well as the situation,” says Pritam, who has composed soundtracks for films. like ‘Life In A… Metro’, ‘Cocktail, Love Aaj Kal 2′ and most recently, the sports drama starring Ranveer Singh ’83’.

“I just want to create music for movies. I know a lot of other musicians enjoy non-film songs, and that’s great, but I just want to create music for films. I’m really in love with the concept of cinema and the contribution of music to the making of this film,” says the 50-year-old. Some of his recently released tracks and their immense popularity made Pritam the most heard artist last year, on different streaming platforms. “Yes, I saw that, yes it feels good that people are listening to your music,” he replies humbly when asked for his reaction.

“I always know, when I create a song, that it will be fine. This also happened with ‘Shayad’,” says Pritam. ‘Shayad’ from ‘Love Aaj Kal 2’, was the most listened song for the past two years. “There was a nice melody, which I knew would work well. I know that for a lot of my songs too. I can usually feel it, when I know something is going well,” says- he.

“But that said, you still can’t predict which song will hit. As the title ‘Kalank’ would do well. I knew ‘Khairiyat’ from ‘Chichhore’ would be fine, even though it wasn’t really in the movie. Sometimes the songs don’t work at all. Like ‘Saawre’ from Phantom for example. I loved the song. Afghan Jalebi did well, but ‘Sawariya’ didn’t do well,” he says.

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