Music composer Vedha’s 66-year musical journey is an inspiration to the big names in modern music

Music composer Vedha has captured a million hearts with his music since his debut in the Tamil film industry. He made a name for himself through his unique talent and performances. It has attracted many fans despite debuting in the days of two great musical geniuses – KV Mahadevan and MS Viswanathan. The fan-favorite musician worked with various composers in the early 50s.

66 years ago, Marma Veeran, Veda’s first musical composition, was released. Let us take you on a journey through the much-loved composer’s diverse accomplishments over the years.

Vedha provided the music for Sinhalese filmmaker Jayaman’s 1952 film, which received critical acclaim. Subsequently, in 1953 and 1954, he created music for more Jayamane films, slowly gaining fame and following.

The soundtrack for the 1955 film Menaka was created by TG Lingappa, CN Pandurangan and Vedha. The soundtrack is remembered to this day.

Subsequently, Vedha created the music for Marma Veeran, directed by famous filmmaker DR Raghunath, in 1956. This is his first Tamil film in which he created the entire soundtrack himself.

Songs created for Pattukottai Kalyanasundaram by Maruthakasi and Thanjai N. Ramaiah Das garnered positive feedback and gave Vedha a distinct personality.

It was thanks to Vedha’s music that films like Minnal Veeran in 1959 and Parthiban Kanawm in 1960 were very successful.

He created the music for the films Konchum Kumari and Ben Manam in 1963, and Basamum Nesham, Chitranki,
Veeranganai and Amma Enge in 1964. All received immense love from the public.

Veda continues to appear in films in modern theaters. Despite its many popular songs, Vallavanku Vallavan (1965), starring Gemini Ganesan and Asokan, is the film that fans remember as the musical Vedha.

Veda created the music for the film Nesho Jakratha, Same Ekshina and Seshodhal Pathama in 1967, which is still remembered to this day.

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