Music Education and Community Organizations Receive $2 Million in Prizes

the Lewis Prize for Music focuses on organizations that give young people access to music education, strengthen the well-being of their communities, and put music at the center of efforts to establish equity.

This year’s winners help young people learn, create and perform in a way that reflects their culture and identity.

“By helping music leaders across the country continue their great work, we hope to inspire other partners to work together to ensure that every young person has the opportunity to access learning, performance and transformative musical creation,” a statement read.

The rewards are as follows:

the Accelerator Prize, valued at $500,000, provides multi-year support for sustained progress on ambitious community change initiatives. The recipients are:

  • INTEMPO, in Stamford, CT, is an after-school program and summer music camp that provides opportunities for children to express themselves through classical music. Almost all of the students are of immigrant background, and their new music program at three Stamford public schools is specifically aimed at children who are newcomers/English learners.
  • RYSE Youth Center built the RYSE Commons, a 45,000 square foot youth-designed campus for music, arts, culture and healing in Richmond, CA. It is a place where the integral parts of a wounded and glorious city come to rid themselves of conflicts so that they can seek and create solutions.
  • The Heartbeat Music Project (HMP), in Crownpoint, NM, Navajo Nation, provides free music education and Diné cultural education to Navajo youth. In addition to expanding economic access, HMP is dedicated to disrupting colonial systems that tell young Diné that Western music and instruments are only for the “elites” and not for them.
  • We are culture makers provides high-quality arts/entrepreneurship education to young people of color in Detroit with an emphasis on professional development, strategic goal setting, and artistic integrity.

the Brew Rewardsvalued at $50,000, provides year-long support to leaders and programs creating new musical platforms and pathways in their communities.

  • roots of music creates the next generation of New Orleans musicians, providing year-round music education, academic enrichment and support, healthy meals, and free transportation and instruments.
  • The White Hall Academy of Arts (WHAA) is a South Los Angeles performing arts organization that offers a blend of classical and contemporary conservatory-level training for children and adults.

the Catalyst Prizevalued at $25,000, provides year-long support for leaders and programs with impressive impact and reach.

  • the Media Rhythm Institute (“MRI”) in Baltimore, MD, is a collective of youth media arts programs that inspire young people to explore their passions and build their music and media skills.
  • totemic star in Seattle, WA championed the voice of talented young artists in the studio and on stage through music production, performance and mentorship.

For more information about each organization, click here.

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