New music education program for young people in underserved neighborhoods

FORT MYERS, Fla. — The Southwest Florida Symphony and The Heights Foundation announced their partnership Wednesday to provide music education and performance opportunities for students of all ages.

The new after-school program is part of the Heights Center’s MOSAIC (Music Opportunities Supporting the Arts in Our Community) program. It will take place throughout the school year from Tuesday 6 September. Rehearsals for the Youth Orchestra will begin on Monday, September 12.

According to a press release, students of all levels are welcome to participate. The Southwest Florida Symphony Orchestra will provide staff to educate and instruct students – as well as provide opportunities for public performance. The symphony orchestra will offer music education programming for beginners, intermediate and advanced. Tuition is free and instruments are provided to each participating student.

Amy Ginsburg, executive director of the Southwest Florida Symphony, said the after-school program won’t just benefit students.

“In addition to reaching young people who may not have access to music education, our collaboration with The Heights Foundation will also help support recruitment efforts and cultivate the next generation of orchestral talent within our own community,” Ginsburg said.

Melissa Barlow, director of arts and community programs at the Heights Centre, said MOSAIC is designed to empower students to achieve excellence.

“The Heights Center’s MOSAIC program is a daily music education program inspired by El Sistema,” Barlow said. “He serves nearly 50 elementary and middle school students in the Harlem Heights community by providing free instrumental music lessons and numerous performance opportunities at the Heights Center and throughout our community.”

For more information, visit The Heights Foundation website and/or the Southwest Florida Symphony website.

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