Odisha music composer Prem Anand launches new song format on Jagannath Temple



Bhubaneswar: Known for his musical experiences, popular Ollywood composer Prem Anand is set to introduce A cappella music format to Odisha for a new song on Puri Jagannath temple.

“For the first time in Odisha, I composed a song in the musical format A cappella. In this format, artists sing without using instruments. Instead, the vocal cords of singers are used in place of instruments. The song was composed of the musical voice, rhythmic voice and percussion voice, etc. singers, ”he said.

“This music format is popular in Hollywood,” he added.

Anand informed that 15 well-known Odisha singers returned their voices to the song. They are Sricharan Mohanty, Ashutosh Mohanty, Sabisesh Mishra, Samikshya Mishra, Lopamudra Dash, Arpita Chodhury, Rojalin Sahu, Diptirekha Padhi, Sohini Mishra, Biswajit Mohapatea, Goutam Giri, Bishnuijit Sakher Sakher, Abhate, Shakhate, Abhate.

The song is written by Devdutta Mohanty and it will be released at the end of August.

“The song will describe the history of the Jagannath Temple and the sister deities. However, no one is certain of the early story of Sri Mandir which has witnessed so many incidents over the centuries. The song will attempt to recreate the stories surrounding brotherly deities in a way that people can visualize, ”Anand said.

The composer admitted that making the song was a big challenge. “It took 15 days to make this song because it was a challenge to have all the singers at the same time. In the a cappella music format, we have to record the song in the presence of all the singers at the same time, ”he said.

“But with Lord Jagannath’s blessings, I was able to get all the main singers together at the recording venue. The singers also cooperated a lot with me, ”he added.

Anand’s last experimental song was “Ye mati Odisha, ye jati Odia” (this land is Odisha and the Odia race) in the Odia language, in which the governor of Odisha, Professor Ganeshi Lal, had returned his voice. The song was released on April 1 and enjoyed by audiences across the state.


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