Philly Music Education Organization Launches New Program

PHILADELPHIA (KYW Newsradio) — An organization aimed at finding and developing musical talent in children in Philadelphia is turning up the volume.

Play On Philly provides intensive instrumental music training and choir for students in areas of the city with little or no access to this type of education.

“Through musical education, especially playing an instrument, you cultivate all kinds of skills like perseverance [and] goal setting,” said Jessica Zweig, director of educational programs.

“When you have to practice hitting the same note every time, those skills of hitting the same note every time, they transfer into other areas of your life.”

The program has just over 300 students enrolled, according to Zweig, and they attend group classes five days a week and two hours a day after school.

“Our model is that students play in groups, they learn in groups, and the whole thing is a little metaphor for what life is about,” she said.

“In a whole, you have to share. You have to follow a leader. You have to compromise, and so playing an instrument is a way to promote life skills and executive functioning skills in students.

Zweig said the organization is looking to take this training to the next level. That’s why they’re launching a new initiative, named after a Philadelphia music icon.

“The Marian Anderson Young Artist Program aims to support these young students so they too can hone their musical skills and pursue opportunities in performance-based music,” she explained.

“The program will provide students with direct access to very high quality music education, one-to-one tutoring, mentoring, networking with professional musicians, opportunities to hone your skills, both for music and for life.”

The tuition-free program is for students in grades four through eleven and is currently accepting applications until April 20.

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