Sellers cash in at record rate as median real estate profit surpasses $ 265,000

New research from CoreLogic shows that 91.5% of resales in the June quarter posted a profit, the highest level of profitability in a decade.

The Pain and gain ratio analyzed data from 106,000 real estate resales and showed that tight listings, record mortgage rates and extraordinary growth in home values ​​in Australia have led to strong and continued resale gains.

Homeowners who resold after just two years pocketed a median return of $ 123,000, while those who cashed out after more than 30 years of owning a property earned a median return of $ 712,000.

Eliza Owen, head of research at CoreLogic, said that nationwide, sales of for-profit residential properties have increased for four consecutive quarters, with the latest report showing profitability at its highest level in ten years.

“This number really reflects the extraordinary recovery in home values ​​after a small drop induced by the initial impact of COVID-19,” Ms. Owen said.

The typical median hold period of all resales for the quarter was 8.8 years, with a national median gross resale profit of $ 265,000.

Regional sellers cash in

Resale gains were particularly significant in the country regional and tree change markets.

Record breaking rates of return spilled over to the entire Victoria area housing market, where 98.7% of resales were above the purchase price.

The regional push exploded during the pandemic, but proved difficult for some tenants, especially in popular coastal markets.

New concerns for containment renovations

According to Hipages data, those stuck at home in blockades have prioritized renovations.

However, with this increased spending instead of supply shortages, prices have skyrocketed.

Labor costs rose as a result, according to the report, with builders, painters, concrete mixers, tilers and garden maintainers having the largest increase in in-demand jobs since July.

There was an average price increase of 35% for the extension, 18% for kitchen renovations and 15% for bathroom renovations.

Average spending on renovations over the past year also increased 5% to $ 21,000.


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