Shunsuke Kikuchi Dead: the composer of “Dragon Ball” was 89 years old



Shunsuke Kikuchi, the composer of the popular animated series “Dragon Ball,” died in a medical facility in Tokyo on Saturday, according to Japanese music industry outlet Oricon News. He was 89 years old.

According to Oricon, Kikuchi was undergoing medical treatment for aspiration pneumonia.

Kikuchi began his career as a composer in the 1960s, and the first film he worked on was “The Eighth Enemy” from 1961. He went on to compose the music and theme songs for several animated series and television dramas from long lasting in the 2010s.

The Japanese anime “Dragon Ball”, produced by Toei Animation, premiered in 1986, and Kikuchi composed the music for the series, which gained popularity around the world. He also joined the following series “Dragon Ball Z” in 1989, a follow-up film and the remastered series “Dragon Ball Z Kai”, and also composed the music for them.

Some of his other songwriting credits include “The Unfettered Shogun (Abarengō Shōgun)”, “Doraemon” theme song, “Masked Rider (Kamen Rider)”, “Tiger Mask”, “Gaiking”, “Tōshō Daimos”, ” Dr. Slump “and dozens of others. Kikuchi retired in 2017 due to illness.

Overlook Events, a production company that hosts concerts featuring music from “Dragon Ball” and composers like John Williams and Ennio Morricone, paid tribute to Kikuchi on Twitter.

“Our work and our concerts have been dedicated to him from the start,” the company wrote.

Kikuchi was nominated for a Japan Academy Award for Outstanding Music in 1983 for his work on “The Gate of Youth” and “To Trap a Kidnapper”. He received an Award of Merit at the Tokyo Anime Awards in 2013 and a Lifetime Japan Record Award for Distinguished Service in 2015.


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