Singer and songwriter Prithvi Gandharv talks about his new track, Woh Dekhna Bhi



Prithvi, who has worked with some of the great wigs of the Indian musical fraternity, loved and adored by them for their musical and musical sensibility; released his independent single, Woh Dekhna Bhi.

A professionally trained singer, Prithvi is a frequent traveler. The exploration of different cultures, cities and countries influenced his song. In fact, he finds the process of learning music from different cultures and countries so fascinating that he incorporates it into his music. “Some of the first communications we give and receive in life is through music. Almost every moment that we celebrate in our lives is music related. There is little that we share in the world, across cultures and religions, but music is a beautiful commonality that we all love, appreciate and share with us.

He maintains that working with elite music composers has been the best learning experience for him, but he felt it was time to release a piece of music that was entirely his creation.

“Woh Dekhna Bhi” is proud of his musical richness, his subtlety and his incredible ability to touch the hearts of the audience. This new age ghazal will embark listeners in a wonderful world of quiet music and a magnificent atmosphere. In today’s fast-paced world where music is created in a rush, this is a testament to the fact that good songs will find their way into the hearts of audiences.

“I’ve worked a lot in the mainstream, on various big projects that were always someone else’s idea, but this is my first time doing a piece of music of my own. I’ve always wanted to create my music, something that completely describes my music.

Prithvi’s talent was discovered by her parents during her teenage years. He began to assist music composer Pritam and Shamir Tondon. He has given over 1000 concerts around the world with renowned artists such as Sivamani, Ranjt Barot, Ustad Sultan Khan, Ustad Zakir Hussain, Shreya Ghoshal & Richa Sharma. Prithvi has performed under major labels like Saregama, T Series, Zee Music Company and many more. It rose to prominence after the release of the song “Albela Sajan” by Bajiro Mastani which was followed by several other songs including “Boyega” by Myoho and “Jogi de Naal”, with Richa Sharma and recreated the music video ” Niyat-e-shauq “. with SufiScore. He was also a songwriter and singer for the Anna Hazare biopic. Urdu poetry is a genre he excelled in which gave him the opportunity to compose a Ghazal for Ustad Rashid Khan named “Jazbaa”. Other opportunities arose and he performed for a larger ghazal festival held in Lahore, Pakistan under Virsa Heritage- Khazana ‘2018.

Socially, many YouTube labels like Kukki Originals, Sufi Score, Bame-khas have recorded Prithvi for many ghazals. Excited for his song “Woh Dekhna Bhi” will be a Sufiscore release, duet with my super talented old friend Pratibha Singh. The video is beautifully shot in Jaipur by genius Ravi Jadhav. Working with people I already know made the trip even more special ”* says Prithvi Gandharv *.

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