Singer, songwriter, music composer and humanitarian



This multi-faceted professional excels in the field of music and actively contributes to society through his established charity “Al-Fikr”.

The world has shown us examples of great individuals who have excelled and mastered many different arts. Music is an art and a craft that only the blessed can cultivate and elevate to the next level. We have seen and witnessed a great number of musical artists who have created a special place in our hearts.

The current modern era of the public has high expectations from all musical artists. Musicians continually create unique and different forms of music to keep audiences enthralled. Overall, the margin of error for most of these artists is high. They must constantly meet the bar of expectations to deliver satisfactory results or risk being swept away by the industry.

A renowned musical artist who has captivated audiences with his music and songs is Umar Manzoor. Umar Manzoor is an Anglo-Pakistani artist hugely popular in the UK, South Asian countries and Arab countries. His moving music coupled with melodic tunes has captured the hearts of millions of people and wowed the next generation of audiences.

He wears many hats on his head, he is a singer, songwriter, music composer and much more, overall he is a complete musical artist who has taken the industry by storm. Being music-inclined since the age of 5, Umar found a lot of support from his parents to pursue music as a full-time career and profession. He was a regular performer during his school years and propelled himself by winning numerous singing competitions. Building up a huge base on numerous social networks and online platforms, Umar quickly became a hot topic of conversation in the city.

Umar de Bekhud’s debut single in May 2020 produced by Irfan Chaudry has helped him garner millions of views and followers to his credit. The release of four more singles like Ya Nabi, Khuda Ki, Madinay Ke Aaqa and Sukoon has further helped him gain momentum and cement his presence within the music industry.

All of her singles have received over 200,000 views on YouTube, increasing day by day. Umar also excelled in his studies, having completed his studies at the University of Nottingham in Philosophy and Business Management. He also traveled to South Africa to complete his graduate studies, where he honed his Arabic language skills and became interested in folk singing. Umar also founded his charity Al-Fikr in October 2018 after losing his mother, a very generous woman. With inner motivation and a desire to give it back to society in many ways and contribute more to humanity, Umar has helped restore kindness to our world. Al-Fikr is working on many developments such as education for all, the provision of food and shelter, and much more.

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