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STL Ocarina is a Saint-Louis-based musical instrument company that specializes in the wind instrument popularized by the very popular The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. The company was established in 2005 and offers a wide range of instruments, including clay and plastic instruments and various models, some of which were designed after THE Legend of Zelda series and others inspired by the universe of Marvel superheroes and The Hobbit movie theater. The products supplied by STL Ocarina are of high quality and produce superb sounds recognized by professional music organizations. STL Ocarina products have been featured in works by the New World Symphony, Chicago Symphony, Atlanta Symphony and St. Louis Symphony Orchestra. We were lucky enough to have the chance to experience some of the products offered by STL Ocarina, and we were impressed even though we didn’t have much more musical talent.

12 holes “Iron Man” Tenor Ocarina

The 12-hole “Iron Man” Tenor Ocarina is one of the most beautiful ceramic models offered by STL Ocarina. The instrument features a fantastic design based on the popular Marvel character. The product is officially licensed and features a red and gold finish and a power cell in the center of the ocarina. The instrument is almost 5 inches long and has a pitch of 13 notes. Owners of the “Iron Man” Ocarina 12-hole tenor will also have free access to an online instruction booklet and online songbook featuring Marvel hero themes.

Tenor 12 holes Ocarina “The Hobbit”

The 12 hole tenor Ocarina inspired by Peter Jackson The Hobbit was another awesome piece that we got to experience for ourselves. The ocarina offers very similar specifications to the 12-hole “Iron Man” tenor ocarina, including its tuning on the key of C major with a 13-note scale and a model of similar size and shape. The ocarina features a different design which is more basic with a green color and a fantastic flower design. Owners will be more satisfied with an online songbook with different themes than the songbook. the Lord of the Rings perfect series for the wind instrument.

Ocarina “Spider-Man” plastic 12 hole tenor in C major

The range of plastic ocarinas offered by STL Ocarina has different qualities that are not found in ceramic models. The plastic 12 hole “Spider-Man” ocarina in C major features another great design with the wall robot scaling the instrument with a glossy finish, but the ocarina is longer than the previous two models. and measures approximately 6.5 inches instead. Plastic models offer higher pitched sounds and a smaller A4 to F6 range. Plastic ocarinas also tend to retain more moisture, which can tend to affect the sound quality of the instrument when not maintained properly. The models are however much cheaper than ceramic instruments, so this ocarina is one of the best STL Ocarina deals for those who want to learn to play the instrument but are unsure how long they will be dedicated to training. .

12 Hole Tenor Ocarina with Zelda Songbook

The best model instrument from STL Ocarina is the 12 Hole Tenor Ocarina. This beautifully crafted instrument is perfect for the die-hard Zelda fan and is available for just $ 85.70. The instrument measures 6 inches and produces heights from A4 to F6. An instruction booklet and neck strap are provided with the instrument, and it has other features similar to the plastic 12 hole “Spider-Man” tenor ocarina in C major, the main difference being the color blue. of the instrument with the special triforce design. This model is perfect for beginners or Zelda fans and can be used for practicing or learning to play the wind instrument.

STL Ocarina provides instruments that are suitable for beginners or users. Instruction booklets are provided with the ocarinas to help owners learn music that sounds good with the type of instrument they purchase from the company. The instruments feature fantastic designs which also make them great collectibles and gifts. STL Ocarina ships products worldwide within two days of ordering, and the company accepts a wide range of payment options, including money order, most major credit cards, and Paypal. For more information on the product line, see the official website STL Ocarina website.

Goal: 10 of 10


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