Sugat Dhanvijay’s story as a music composer is a story of passion and hard work



Behind the success of every ordinary person lies an extraordinary struggle. Indian composer Sugat Dhanvijay’s career in the music industry is nothing short of a roller coaster ride. Originally from Nagpur, he was raised in a typical Maharashtrian family. Although his background was in the engineering field, his love affair with music began after grade 12. Coming from an era of cassettes, CDs, tape recorders, and MP3 players, Sugat believes the music industry has flourished over the past decade.

Being a mediocre student during his college years, Sugat discovered his passion for music while pursuing his engineering studies. Cherishing the heyday of college, the composer grew homesick and revealed he spent more time learning music than attending lectures. “I used to sit alone in the hostel and learn the guitar I bought for my sister, but I ended up using it to practice music. The first song I recorded after learning guitar was “O Sanam” by Lucky Ali. After that I started to compose a lot of other songs, ”Sugat said.

While the first original recorded by Sugat Dhanvijay at university was titled “Tu Hi Tu”. Little did he know that his first original would help him build a reputation throughout the college and in Nagpur. Eventually, Sugat started uploading his compositions to Facebook and YouTube which were very well received by audiences. In addition to that, he learned music production by watching video tutorials online, after which he collaborated with artists and musicians in Nagpur. However, Sugat’s life-changing journey began in 2013 when he moved to the city of dreams – Mumbai.

Focusing entirely on songwriting, Sugat Dhanvijay met musicians and singers from the city. Speaking of his troubled early days, he said, “I have approached many people and music labels with the bank of songs I had composed. But the majority of them found my music inspired by the West because I was frequently listening to rock music at the time. Through his apprenticeships, Sugat got his hands on Bollywood music and left “Mickey Virus” director Saurabh Varma in awe of his two songs which were used in the director’s 2016 film “7 Hours To Go” .

His struggling years came to an end as his compositions received excellent reviews from veteran names like Mukesh Bhatt. Gradually, Sugat Dhanvijay had a lot of plans in his kitty until he realized that his songs from one of the big banner movies couldn’t make it into the final cut. “I was depressed and felt lost after this time. I didn’t know what to do after my efforts were in vain. My father who had supported me constantly encouraged me after which I established my music studio called Tracklab Studio in Mumbai. I feel like the music studio I created was a turning point in my life, ”he added.

By the time of 2018, independent music labels were growing rapidly. Sugat Dhanvijay composed a few songs that went viral on the internet. Since then, there has been no turning back for the music composer. A music video called ‘Teri Kami’ composed by him became a huge hit on YouTube. Some of his big hits include ‘Tum Mere Paas’, ‘Laut Aao Maa’, ‘O Khuda’, ‘Rooh’ and ‘Aawara’. Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, many songs by Sugat Dhanvijay have yet to be released and are backed by the biggest music labels in the industry. People will also be able to witness his song Tu Hi Mera Jag Saara by Arbaaz Khan star Main Zaroor Aaunga.

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