SWFL Music Education Center unveils program for students with special needs


NAPLES, Florida – “This will give my daughter and other students who are learning differently an opportunity to really have a very solid music education, a job opportunity but with the support and that is the essential support that we will be providing. “, President and President of the Southwest Florida Music Education Center, said Rob Moher.

Moher said his 19-year-old daughter, Amaya Moher, had motivated him to start the organization called Southwest Florida Music Education Center.

Moher said he wanted to help students with special needs pursue their passion for music.

“Looking at my daughter’s educational background, it was clear that sending her to a university or college and being in a class with 200 students would not meet her learning needs or her learning style,” he said. said Moher.

The program is designed for young adults with autism and other learning disabilities.

Students can choose from a two- or four-year certificate program. Registrations are now open for the fall semester 2022.
Jennifer Clark of the Southwest Florida Music Education Center said students must be between the ages of 18 and 30 to enroll in the program.

“We are looking for students who have musical experience and who already master an instrument who have demonstrated competence and are looking to grow further. grow beyond that, ”Clark said.

“Pursuing their passion in their own way with the support they need and the types of instructors is the goal of the Southwest Florida Music Education Center,” said Moher.

The program was created by the Berklee Institute for Arts Education and Special Needs, and registration is now open for the fall semester 2022. Programmatic elements include essential foundation courses, engaging electives, preparation workshops career, individual and ensemble lessons and master classes, as well as performance and internship opportunities.

To register for the music program, click here.


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