Tidal launches music education center

The Learning Center aims to expand learners’ musical knowledge and encourage them to explore diverse genres around the world with a collection of songs inspired by unique genres and geographical locations.

“As musical trends change, the fundamental sounds highlighted in these playlists will continue to shape music for years to come,” said Tidal Executive Vice President and Programming Editor Tony Gervino. . “As listeners, knowing this story helps to better appreciate and elevate the bond between artists and fans. Through content like Music School, we’re doubling down on our mission to put artists and music fans first by creating new ways to listen to and discover new music.

The hub includes components like Genre for Beginners with information on different styles. For Kids introduces young children to various genres, while the Musicology and Dive Deeper segments take a deeper look at music. Geography for beginners, on the other hand, involves learning information about different countries of the world. The hub also includes content for instruments, and the playlists should be updated regularly.

Tidal launched in Africa through a partnership with the MTN mobile network, first in Uganda and then in Nigeria before expanding to the rest of the continent. Last year, the company stepped up its efforts to showcase the continent’s thriving music scene by adding an African music hub to its platform, a new genre page focused on music from Africa.

The new initiative is part of the company’s desire to create more opportunities for artists. In 2020, it launched its fan-centric royalty model, which directly links the usage and royalties of individual plays by HiFi Plus users, instead of aggregating payments like the traditional pro-rated system.

Hip-hop legend Jay-Z acquired Tidal’s parent company, Aspiro, for approximately $56 million in January 2015. Last year, Square, Inc., founded by Jack Dorsey, bought the majority stake in the music streaming company for $297 million, while Jay-Z retained his position as a board member.

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