Triple2 Digital develops and launches a digital music education application, Upper Neighbor



Digital triple2, a full-service digital agency specializing in the creation and deployment of software, hardware and managed services, developed and launched the first iteration of Upper Neighbor, a mobile app that provides instrumental music students of varying levels of game the opportunity to access lessons and practice routines created by a selected group of world-class classical musicians. Currently available on iOS and Android platforms, Triple2 Digital has helped the creators of Upper Neighbor fulfill their mission of providing affordable access and quality music education to all students of instrumental music.

“With so much music education lost over the past year, we have been tasked with developing a digital music experience that could connect music novices with experts and teachers in an environment that promotes and fosters the learning of music, ”said Anthony DiPrizio, CEO and Founder of Triple2 Numérique. “Upper Neighbor is a great digital feature-rich tool that allows users to get involved in music and get the instructions needed to learn a new instrument or hone their skills. ”

Designed by Dr. Oliver Barrett, an artist teaching at the New York Philharmonic and Carnegie Hall, Upper Neighbor provides any student who wants to optimize their practice and hone their skills with the training needed to get started in a feature-rich digital environment. The app contains a scaffolded program of pre-recorded instructions from elite artists, which users can fully customize to meet the needs of their practice. Additionally, users can bring their daily practice to life by playing along with backing tracks written by award-winning composers.

Triple2 Digital has developed both the back-end network architecture as well as the front-end user interface and experience for the iOS and Android versions of the Upper Neighbor app. The company will continue to work with Upper Neighbor to evolve the experience and introduce new features such as live teaching.

“The Triple2 Digital team has been successful in developing an engaging and robust environment that will guide students from their first grade to their first gig and beyond,” said Dr. Barrett, Upper Neighbor. “The team understood our mission from the start, and we look forward to continuing our partnership as we expand the feature set and experiences offered. “

Upper Neighbor is available for download at ios and Google Play.

About Digital Triple2:

Triple2 Digital is a full-service digital development agency specializing in creating revolutionary software, hardware and managed services solutions to solve real-world business needs and problems. The company works with Fortune 500 companies for pre-revenue startups and has been chosen by companies like Air France, Intel, Netflix and Toyota for critical engineering projects. For more information, please visit

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