Wisconsin Conservatory of Music instrument campaign benefits students



People stopped by the Wisconsin Conservatory of Music (WCM) Instrument Drive on Saturday, October 2 – depositing donations that will make a difference.

Operations manager Nolan Thomas said the organization needed percussion, bass, strings, guitar and wind instruments.

“We want to pass this story on to students so that they can continue on the legacy of music coming from one culture to another,” Thomas said.

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While some instruments are given with a little history, others are given with a good heart. Cellist and former teacher Bruce Barr knows this will have an impact.

“The kids who made music also started to learn their math better, so it’s an educational skill,” Barr said. “You learn to count, beat, note value, all that, so that really helps a lot of skills – but it’s a life skill, you also work in groups to make music.”

From teaching the little ones to the young at heart, WCM is refurbishing instruments and putting them in the hands of families in need.

“We can do this completely for free to students because we want to encourage their musical growth as much as possible,” Thomas said.

WCM expects to receive 60 to 80 instruments to meet demand and distribute around 100 this year.

Each repair costs around $ 180. For more information on how to donate, whether it’s an instrument or money, visit the WCM website.

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